Contemporary view on shipping

Concordia Group has a contemporary view on shipping. By searching for improvements with new or already proven techniques, the company has developed over the years into a reliable player in the maritime industry. Concordia has knowledge of efficienct design, shipbuilding, transportation and trading.

The core business is designing and building efficient vessels completely according tho wishes of her client, both in the Netherlands as abroad. Vessels can be delivered as casco or turn-key. Through knowledge, experience, track record and a flexible attitude Concordia is able to develop innovative vessels.

Concordia has its own outfitting location in Netherlands enabling fast delivery and quality is always guaranteed.

Concordia Group always acts on own experience, what can be seen by the vessels she exploits and her shipbrokerage department with an attractive range of inland waterway vessels.

Janna-Maria 2

87.47 x 11.00 | 1989 | 2132 ton

€ 720.000,-

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62.41 x 6.60 | 1962 | 752 ton

€ 200.000,-

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67.00 x 8.20 | 1958 | 850 ton

€ 175.000,-

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Spes Salutis

90.00 x 11.40 | 1912 | 2704 ton

€ 850.000,-

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